About Us

The American Culinary Federation-Atlanta Chefs Association, Inc (ACF-ACA) is a chef driven organization to promote professionalism in the kitchens of Atlanta, the surrounding metro area and to the borders of the state of Georgia. ACF-ACA invests in the careers of its members by effectively equipping them with the tools needed to succeed in the industry. Brings together hard-working chefs, cooks, chef educators, pastry chefs, bakers, caterers, culinary enthusiasts, industry purveyors, culinary students and other culinarians through networking, education, certification, camaraderie and community service are just a few initiatives of ACF-ACA.

The ACF got its start in 1929 when three chefs’ organizations in New York: the Sociѐtѐ Culinare Philanthropique, the Vatel Club and the Chefs de Cuisine Association of America came together for the common good of all chefs in the United States. In the 50’s several chefs in the Atlanta area began to help each other and established the foundation. By the mid 60’s the Atlanta chapter of the ACF was formal founded. From that time and the road map laid down by the founding fathers of the chapter, chefs and cooks have been promoting the professional image of Atlanta’s culinary industry.

“We gain strength as we strengthen those around us!” Working together for the betterment of the culinary industry is the catalyst that unleashes the potential in our members. Providing them the tools of education, certification and networking opportunities elevates our organization above the rest.