John Piskor Culinary Scholarship

John Piskor

Culinary Students of Georgia,

John Piskor Culinary Scholarship applications will be accepted through October 15, 2019

The John Piskor Culinary Scholarship will be presented to qualified applicants pursuing fulltime culinary coursework.  The American Culinary Federation – Atlanta Chefs Association administering the John Piskor Scholarship Fund, will award a limited number of scholarships annually, based on the availability of institutional and private funds.

This scholarship was established in honor of the late Chef John Poskor who was a culinary instructor, student advocate and lifelong learner himself. Chef Piskor knew the importance of an organization where the culinary community could get together and share ideas, network and learn from each other. In 1969 he was among the founding fathers of the ACF Atlanta chapter and was a member for more than 50 years. Over the years, this scholarship has helped hundreds of students fulfill their dreams of becoming a chef.

Please review the scholarship application. You have until May 15, 2019 to submit applications. This scholarship is for you, please apply!

2019 John Piskor Culinary Scholarship Application

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Student Culinary Incentive Program – SCIP

The ACF Atlanta Chefs Association believes in the students of Atlanta and North Georgia and wants to show our support through the SCIP program. The Student Culinary Incentive Program (SCIP) was developed to help students become involved and give them a way to earn their ACF Student Membership and more.

Students who participate in monthly meetings, attend chapter events and volunteer their time at chapter fundraisers will be working toward these goals. When students have accumulated 20 hours they will receive a chapter lapel pin and 5 Continuing Education Hours(CEH) that can be used toward certification. At 40 hours students will receive their ACF Student Membership and another 5 CEH. Finally, when reaching 60 hours students will receive a cutting edge culinary book and 5 CEH.

When students reach each level they are to bring their SCIP booklet to a chapter meeting where the chapter President or a Board member will verify the hours. If a student is unable to attend the chapter meeting due to work, they are to contact Cheryl Glass, or 850-556-7736, who will let them know an instructor at their school that can verify their hours.

Many students have already begun to work toward meeting these requirements. It is our desire that all students will take advantage of the SCIP program and become involved in the greatest ACF chapter.