All In One Pot!


It’s a Wonder what chefs can create in One Pot! May 3rd marked the 4th Annual Sutherland’s One Pot Wonder competition at the Sutherland’s food show. Competitors were given a whole chicken to butcher and the choice of 8 vegetables, which they had to use at least three. You ask what’s the big deal???

All the cooking had to take place in ONLY one pot and on one butane gas burner. The results were phenomenal! Chef Mark Milliron took first place, $750.00, with his Tagine Spiced Chicken with Seven Vegetables. Second place went to Chef Tim Patridge, Third place Amber Elias and People’s Choice went to Eric Samuels. Each dish was unique and full of flavor. We challenge you, to challenge yourself, at next year’s One Pot Wonder!

First Place Winner!
Chef Mark Milliron

S Mark 3  Mark Milliron 1st Place

 Chicken Tagine With Vegetables Recipe