2018 One-Pot-Wonder

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2018 Winners

1st Place ~ Michael Deihl
2nd Place ~ Chris McCook
3rd Place ~ Mark Milliron
People's Choice ~ Amber Elias

WOW… what an awesome job the chefs did this year at the Sutherland One-Pot-Wonder! On May 2nd Sutherland sponsored their 5th Annual One-Pot-Wonder during their food show Farmers Market in Forest Park. Competitors were given North Carolina Heritage Pork Tenderloin and a choice of 10 vegetables of which they had to use at least three. You might have thought they were camping, as they only had one butane gas burner and were only allowed to use ONE pot! The results were mouthwatering! Chef Michael Deihl took first place, $750.00, Chef Chris McCook took second and won $500, with third place going to Chef Mark Milliron. Amber Elias was the People’s Choice this year. Each of the competitors presented unique dishes, full of flavor. We Challenge you, to challenge yourself at our next competition!

 C McCook Plating

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